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Where are we located? 
We are based in Gospel Oak. 

The address of our training venue is:


The Dome
170 Weedington Road
London NW5 4NU


What are the Gymnastics fees? 
Children are required to be insured to take part in the classes. 
The insurance fee is included as part of the term fee. 
The Term Fee varies according to the length of the term. 
Detailed information can be found by browsing the subscriptions on the Registration page. 

What are the term dates? 
Our sessions will closely follow the term dates used by schools. 

What are the class days and times? 
Lessons can be booked online by clicking on the Registration tab. 

How many coaches and children are in a class? 
Our classes are very popular and we strive to have a coach:child ratio of 1:8 
We do however extend this to 1:10 

What activities do the children engage in? 
We offer 1 1/2 and 2-hour classes, depending on the child's abilities. 
During normal sessions children work on the Floor, Bars, Vault and Trampoline. 
We also make use of Trampettes, Beams and an Airtrack. 
In the course of the year children can engage in displays, competitions and Badge&Certificate awards. 

At what age can children start? 
We take children from the age of 4 ½ or when they have enrolled in a reception class at primary school. 

Do we run Adult classes? 
Currently, we do not run adult classes. 

How can you contact us to gain further information? 
We can be contacted by email at

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