Our Summer term classes will run from 24th April to 18th July 2021.  This will be a 12-week term excluding the half-term week break: 5th & 6th June.

Bookings for the Summer Term will be taken from January 2021 onwards.   There is a high demand for places in this club and places are allocated on a ‘first-come, first-served’ basis on the payment of the term fees.  

We do not offer trial sessions, but have a very good refund policy.
Refund policy: we refund unused sessions if a gymnast decides within their first 3 sessions that they do not wish to continue the course. After the third session, refunds or credit will only be available if a gymnast is unable to attend due to an injury or illness for a prolonged period.

We are looking forward to a good restart for gymnastics in 2021.


Due to the worsening Covid-19 situation we are suspending our operations and putting the Club into sleep mode until the start of the Summer 2021 term (April 2021). This will provide certainty to parents/carers and children and a degree of clarity. The alternative would be for the Club to try to follow the On/Off restrictions that are likely to occur in the next couple of months, further adding to the chaos currently facing our families concerning schooling.  The safety of our members and coaches is our priority.

We are aiming to bounce back in April and will continue to take bookings for the Summer 2021 term.
We were so happy to be back in operation in the Autumn 2020 term and to see the enthusiasm of the children. It will be painful to have to wait to see them again, but we believe this to be the best option available.

Badge and Certificate Assessments.


Thank you to all the children for all the marvellous work done for their Badge and Certificate assessments.  We will be awarding our highest number of Gold Proficiency Awards in the Club's history.  In fact we have had to create a new award for our gymnasts who are completing skills that are off the chart.

Congratulations to Georgie, Ylva, Lily and Lois who will be the first gymnasts to receive our (Gold+) Platinum Award.  These children are performing Free Cartwheels and Layouts as shown in the adjacent picture.

We are looking forward to see what our gymnasts will be achieving next year.

We will be opening the online booking system soon.  You can register below.


You will be able to use filters to reduce the number of options displayed – e.g. Rec Juniors or Squad.