We are delighted to say our registration system is now open for bookings.  There has been a fantastic response in the Summer term following the easing of the Covid restrictions in April.  We have our fingers crossed for the continuation of classes and we are putting on more classes for the Autumn term as we return back to normal.

New members are welcome to book using the Booking button below.  We do not offer trial sessions, but we do have a good refund policy.
Refund policy:

We refund unused sessions if a gymnast decides within their first 3 sessions that they do not wish to continue the course. After the third session, refunds or credit will only be available if a gymnast is unable to attend due to an injury or illness for a prolonged period.


Our gymnastics venue is the size of 6 badminton courts.  This enables us to set out a tremendous amount of equipment including a trampoline, two air floors, two dedicated floor areas and vault, bars and beam stations.   The children get to use all the equipment over a two week rotation.

We challenge the children to undertake all tasks to the best of their abilities.  This has proven to yield great benefits from beginners to advanced gymnasts and has been the hallmark of the club for over twenty years.

Our standard 1.5 and 2 hour sessions are longer compared to the majority of other clubs  and offer the opportunity to consolidate the skill being taught.

Badge and Certificate Assessments.


Thank you to all the children for all the marvellous work done for their Badge and Certificate assessments.  We will be awarding our highest number of Gold Proficiency Awards in the Club's history.  In fact we have had to create a new award for our gymnasts who are completing skills that are off the chart.

Congratulations to Georgie, Ylva, Lily and Lois who will be the first gymnasts to receive our (Gold+) Platinum Award.  These children are performing Free Cartwheels and Layouts as shown in the adjacent picture.

We are looking forward to see what our gymnasts will be achieving next year.